Anthropology projects

Culture and Anthropology

During the year 2000, Dr Elbé Coetsee, director of Mogalakwena Research Centre, started documenting local Bapedi, Bahananwa, Batlokwa and Babirwa (Northern Sotho) culture. The Research Centre is within walking distance of the neighbouring villages under the authority of traditional chief Kibi in the Blouberg district of the Limpopo Province. This area is home to more than 1 million Northern Sotho speaking people. The introduction of electricity and cell phone reception during 2006 to the remote area accelerated the transition to urbanisation. Today this area bears witness to the stark contrast between modern urban and traditional rural values and customs. Here the strong interplay between the two value systems provides a culturally rich environment for research. Students, researchers and volunteers have the opportunity to become involved in this cultural research project.

Oral culture

This project involves the collection, documentation, categorisation, contextualisation, preservation and dissemination of contemporary Northern Sotho oral culture in the Blouberg area of Limpopo Province. Through dialogue and hand drawings done by the local people, the following aspects of culture are being embroidered and the texts need to be interpreted and translated into English, German, French and Braille:

  1. Business, Trading & Transport
  2. Education
  3. Environment/Nature
  4. Farming and Hunting
  5. Governance
  6. Health and Healing
  7. Religion
  8. Sport and Leisure
  9. Traditional Dance, Song and Entertainment
  10. Traditional Skills and Customs
  11. Village/Rural Life
  12. Food and Recipes