Ongoing research

The Mogalakwena Research Centre (MRC) offers a variety of research projects that provide volunteers and interns the opportunity to participate in long-term projects on the Mogalakwena Reserves. These research projects range from feeding ecology, social behaviour, and movement patterns of animals, to climate change impact studies and community projects. Read more about our projects…

Mogalakwena Research Centre also provides opportunities to art and design students to gain practical experience in design and hands-on craft skills at the Craft Art Centre. Students will work with master crafters in beading, embroidering, weaving, knitting and stitching under supervision in a creative environment. Read more…

For all projects, the MRC expects you to work independently and with dedication. You will receive initial orientation, instruction and field supervision, but once you are familiar with your project methodology, you will be expected to go into the field by yourself on a daily basis to collect data. The last two weeks of your stay will be dedicated to data analysis, scientific report writing and the presentation of your findings.

Research network

The Mogalakwena Research Centre collaborates with a network of organisations and contributes to other research projects.

Partner organisations:

Research contributions: